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The Government Inspectorate of Viet Nam hands over ASEAN-PAC Chairmanship


At the virtual 17th ASEAN-PAC Principals Meeting on 30th November, the Government Inspectorate of Viet Nam handed over the ASEAN-PAC Chairmanship to the Anti-Corruption Bureau of Brunei Darussalam.

According to H.E. Mr. Tran Ngoc Liem, Deputy Government Inspector General of the Government Inspectorate of Viet Nam, during the term of ASEAN Chairmanship 2020, with the spirit of "Cohesive and proactive adaptation", Viet Nam and ASEAN member countries had firmly overcome difficulties and challenges, successfully implemented the priority areas of cooperation, contributing to positioning ASEAN in a transformed world as a harmonious, creative, cohesive community with identity, responsibility and high adaptability.

During the Chairmanship, the Government Inspectorate of Viet Nam had proactively conducted activities according to the Group's Action Plan, in which should we mention the successful hosting and presiding over of the Group's events; to act as a representative of the Group to attend relevant events of ASEAN; closely worked and coordinated with partner agencies and organizations, contributing to consolidating and strengthening anti-corruption cooperation in particular and the cooperation in general among countries in the region.

Accordingly, on December 9th of 2020, the Government Inspectorate of Viet Nam successfully hosted the 16th ASEAN-PAC Principals Meeting virtually under the theme "Better Governance, Less Corruption”. Under the leadership of the Government Inspectorate of Viet Nam, ASEAN-PAC then adopted the revised Logo, revised Action Plan 2020-2022 and the revised Terms of Reference (TOR) of the Group on the basis of general consensus of all member agencies. At the same time, the Group also agreed on the need to revise the Group’s Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Bet188 dang nhapOn 22rd September 2021, the Government Inspectorate of Viet Nam successfully hosted 17th ASEAN-PAC Secretariat Meeting virtually. At the meeting, member agencies agreed to adopt the Minutes of the 16th ASEAN-PAC Secretariat Meeting; discussed in details the revision of the Group's Memorandum of Understanding and reviewed the Group's performance. The draft revised MOU was submitted to the Principals Meeting for further discussion. On the sidelines of the Meeting, the ASEAN-PAC training workshop under the theme "Asset and Income Control of Public Officials in South East Asia: Concepts and Practical Applications" with the participation of more than 120 delegates was successfully held and achieved the set results.

H.E. Mr. Tran Ngoc Liem added, the Government Inspectorate of Viet Nam had also represented the Group to virtually participate in the 13th Coordinating Conference for ASEAN Political Security Community (ASCCO) which was organized by the ASEAN Secretariat. Attending this Conference continued to affirm the Group’s growing role as an entity associated with ASEAN within the framework of joint cooperation, contributing to an integrity and transparent ASEAN community.

During its Chairmanship, the Government Inspectorate of Viet Nam had also been working closely with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to continue the effective cooperation between ASEAN-PAC and UNODC, focusing on capacity building activities for the Group. Recently, the Government Inspectorate of Viet Nam represented ASEAN-PAC in an exchange with the ASEAN Secretariat about the proposed cooperation in 2022of the UK National Crime Agency; implemented the reporting mechanism to the ASEAN Secretariat on the performance of ASEAN-PAC in 2021.

“We strongly believe that with the spirit of cohesive and proactive adaptation and close cooperation among Group members, the Brunei Darussalam Anti-Corruption Bureau, acting as our next Chair, shall continue to bring ASEAN-PAC new successes, so that our community will grow stronger with practical contributions to the prevention and fight against corruption in each country, and adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic in the new situation, ensure economic recovery and sustainable development”, H.E Mr. Tran Ngoc Liem expressed.

The meeting then continued with the discussion on the Draft Minutes of 16th ASEAN-PAC Principals Meeting; presentation on anti-corruption progress from all ASEAN-PAC member and discussion on the ASEAN-PAC Memorandum of Understanding./.

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