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18th ASEAN Parties Against Corruption Secretariat’s Meeting


Upon the invitation from the Anti-corruption Bureau(ACB) of Brunei Darussalam, the current Chair of ASEAN Parties Against Corruption (ASEAN-PAC), on 13th September 2022, a Government Inspectorate (GI) Delegation represented by inspectors from its International Cooperation Department and Anti-corruption Bureau participated in the virtual 18th ASEAN-PAC Secretariat’s Meeting. This annual working-level event aimed to review the Group’s cooperation activities and prepare the working agenda for the upcoming 18th ASEAN-PAC Principals’ Meeting to be held in November 2022 in Cambodia.

Gathering at the meeting included about 20 delegates from 10 member ASEAN-PAC agencies. Under the chairmanship of Mr. Yang Mulia Syed Azmal bin Syed Ali, Deputy Director of the ACB, all delegates discussed and unanimously adopted the Minutes of 17th ASEAN-PAC Secretariat’s Meeting (hosted by GI Viet Nam in September 2021) and the revised Draft Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), proposed some adjustments to the Group’s current Terms of Reference (TOR), and discussed on the draft ASEAN-PAC Action Plan  2023-2025 to submit it to the upcoming 18th ASEAN-PAC Principals’ Meeting for official adoption.

Regarding the Group’s Action Plan2023-2025, ASEAN-PAC members unanimously agreed to continue the pursuit of effective implementation of the Group’s MoU articles through executing main action pillars: (1) Successfully implementing the UNCAC, particularly the recommendations from the first and second review cycles; (2) Periodically holding the training workshop and conferences as well as maintaining and bringing the ASEAN-PAC Portal into full play for strengthening the exchange and sharing of anti-corruption information, experiences and expertise among ASEAN-PAC members; (3) As an entity associated with ASEAN, proactively fulfilling the duties of reporting and cooperating with other ASEAN bodies/entities; and (4) Developing initiatives to promote ASEAN-PAC’s profile regionally and internationally. At the meeting, the Anti-corruption Unit(ACU) of Cambodia presented the initiative of launching the ASEAN-PAC E-booklet which covered the whole development process of the ASEAN-PAC since its establishment with the key milestones. Generally, all members supported this initiative of ACU as well as the contents of the Draft ASEAN-PAC Action Plan2023-2025.

Also at the meeting, ASEAN-PAC members discussed and expressed their support to the ACU’s proposed date for the upcoming 18th ASEAN-PAC Principals’ Meeting in Cambodia.

The Government Inspectorate of Viet Nam has proactively and effectively engaged in ASEAN-PAC cooperation activities during the past years, notably the successful fulfillment of the Group’s Chairmanship role in period from December 2020 to November 2021 and the close coordination with the Anti-corruption Bureau of Brunei Darussalam to prepare for the 17th ASEAN-PAC Principals’ Meeting (held on November, 30th2021) and the 18th ASEAN-PAC Secretariat’s Meeting (held on September, 13th2022). GI has also worked closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam to complete the necessary procedures for the official signature of the Group’s revised MoU this November.

In the coming time, GI Viet Nam will continue its proactive and effective engagement in ASEAN-PAC cooperation activities through proactively participating in the development and improvement of the important instruments of the Group, sending its officers to the Group’s anti-corruption capacity building workshops, and accelerating the sharing and exchange of anti-corruption progresses and good practices with other member agencies. This will also much contribute to the fulfillment of GI’s designated functions, duties and power.

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